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Property Memory

An application for your smart device to track critical information and documents about your home or investment property.

Our Software


Information About Your House

Property Memory Software enables you to easily collect interesting and relevant information about your house centrally. It is easy to use and all information is stored securely for your personal use. Wall paint colors, service / product warranties are hard to track. Property Memory is well integrated through multiple channels.


Invite Contractors And Track Bills

Property Memory allows a homeowner to invite contractors to work on projects and submit invoices and receipts so you can track and pay centrally. For investment properties, renters can submit service requests from the comfort of their smart device, request is routed using intelligent routing algorithms and available contractors within the vicinity are dispatched. Job are accurately tracked and the invoices / receipts can be submitted from the comfort of your smart device.


Pass It On

When you sell your house, you can pass all the appropriate information to the new owner while keeping any personal / private property information for your personal use only.